Pirate king is a free to play game that chronicles the adventure of a pirate who conquers islands and spoils them. The game has received wide acceptance with millions of downloads. To learn more about free to play games, check out 100free-spins.com/ .

The game can be installed on android and iOs devices. You can literally play the game without buying any upgrade however, if you want get faster result, you can purchase some upgrades. These upgrades differ for various levels.

How to get free spins

There are different ways in which you can get free spins. These can be based on ingame provisions or third party hacks. Whichever case it may be, the idea is to optimise the rate of free spin collection.

One of the popular ways of getting free spins is by levelling up. When you complete a level, you are given free spins with some juicy add ons depending on the new level you attain in the game.

How to win at pirate king.

Pirate king is a game of strategy and adventure. It requires you to make tactical decision on the next move to make. This will depend on your decision making skill as you attack more islands and spoil them.

However, the part that depends totally on luck is the wheel game. This is a wheel that picks items at random when spun. Therefore, you literally have no effect on the result of the wheel since the results are random.

Types of bonuses

Many of the bonuses are time based. This can easily be cheated by extending your phone time to accommodate the next bonus. Also, while playing Pirate King, you should be patient to wait for the daily bonus that is offered.

There is a daily freespin given to players at specific time. As soon as the time hits, the free spin is activated. However, you cannot be given free daily free spin twice in a day, you will need to wait till the next day.

Final thoughts on Pirate king

Pirate king is an interesting game that features strategy, adventure and wheel spin. It is a free to play multilevel game. There are various bonuses you get at different points of the game. Free spins are also available through hack.

To get started playing online casino games, you should download and install for your app store. The game is available on android and iOs device. You should make sure that your device meets the requirements for hosting the game.