Paranormal Getaways: Your Haunted America Road Trip

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Take a paranormal trip to these haunted byways if you dare. You will see spirits that are sure to scare you for weeks to come. Don’t forget to carry your video camera to show your friends what they are afraid to see. These places are off the main tourist highways, so take some breadcrumbs to find your way back.

Brisbee, Arizona

This old haunted wild west town is known for ghosts of gunslingers, prostitutes and prospectors. The Copper Queen Hotel is (more…)

Uncharted Beauty: United States Locations Untouched by Civilization

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There is very little land remaining in the United States that has been untouched by civilization. Interstates, highways, and cities surround most areas of the country while almost all arable land is used for farming. While there is a great deal of beauty, there are few places to visit where one can feel as if he is truly on his own in the wilderness.

However, three places located in three completely different areas of the United States can still be considered virtually untouched by humans. The Tioga State Forest is located in the (more…)

Planning Your Visit to the North Pole

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When planning your visit to the North Pole, bear in mind that it can only be reached by expeditions specifically designed to travel there. Travel to the North Pole is mostly by air, but it can also be reached on an ice-breaker boat traveling through the Atlantic Ocean. There are a number of operators providing expeditions to the North Pole, including Arctic Direct, Arctic Odysseys, Deutsche Polarflug, Global Expedition Adventures, Icetrek, Northwest Passage, Voyage Concepts, Polar Challenge and North Pole Adventures. These operators offer a wide variety of packages, excursions and features (more…)

Endangered Polar Animals

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There are a lot of things to learn from the poles and they don’t just affect sites like and traffic air routes, it affects all of us. If you’ve ever wondered about the endangered species of the polar regions we’ve got a closer look:
Polar Bears: Perhaps the most well known and cutest of all the polar species, polar bears are facing the greatest threat of any animal. They’re dying out rapidly and ice melting as well as new human enemies are the root cause.
Emperor Penguins: The traditional black and white penguin species is also in danger of extinction thanks to narrowing fishing routes and warmer temperatures. They live in huge packs and when they can’t find fish many die at once.
Snow Leopard: The snow leopard has a great natural camouflage system but it’s being poached at record rates. It’s fur is a highly prized trade item in parts of Asia and snow leopards are also being hunted by warrior seals more than ever before.
If you want to learn more about the polar animals, do so online.

Hiking Through the South Pole: Lifesaving Equipment

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The stark, icy landscape of Antarctica may not seem like an obvious destination for the vacationing hiker. With temperatures ranging from 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius) in summer to -130 degrees Fahrenheit (-90 degrees Celsius) in winter, this southern continent is the coldest place on Earth. However, for the adventurous — and well-prepared — hiker, this beautiful landscape of ice and rock offers ample rewards.

Not surprisingly, exposure to cold is the most critical danger faced by travelers to Antarctica. Effective layering will keep out the (more…)

Serengeti Hot Spots for Landscape and Animal Photography

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When considering photography of the Serengeti-s wildlife, one must consider first and foremost safety. The Serengeti National Park is the most famous wildlife preserves. You can find all of the native animals of the area in a place where you can almost assuredly not get eaten. Animals can be seen and photographed in a natural setting and yet you will be in the hands of a trained, local guide who knows the area and a dangerous situation when it occurs. Trying to get around the Serengeti on your own is not wise. The animals here are not domesticated, (more…)

Safety Tips For Amazon River Boat Tours

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The Amazon River Boat Tour, is just like any other boat tour when it comes to safety. The only difference is with this boat tour, you will run into some wild and exotic creatures. This is something that you should consider ahead of time if you are not a brave individual. The best time to go on this tour is through an organized tour, and not off alone on your own. As always, you can stay safe by wearing a (more…)

Know Your Peruvian Tribes and Cultures

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If your ever planning on taking a trip to Peru, you should be well educated about the tribes and cultures that are apart of this country. You will need to know just incase you encounter anything, you will know what to do. The best thing that you can do prior to your trip, is to do as much research as you possibly can. You will be able to get information by watching videos as well. There is so much that you can do to educate yourself. It is way better than going there and (more…)

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